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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burning Qurans

I know the dude is a massive bigot, but Jesus is he just wrecking everything.
This is exactly the kind of shit that the Taliban and Al-Qaeda use to recruit these guys and hell if anyone can really gauge just what kind of a minefield anything in the Middle East will be after that.  I mean hell, there's already these guys all armed and pumped full of adrenaline just waiting to kill literally every single US soldier in Afghanistan if it happens.  Shit, Petraeus came out and said how absolutely fubar this'll make things, and he knows the situation there like I know the feeling of my right hand; if he says shits gonna go down, you better take cover.
I'm hoping that he'll get arrested before he starts it up, 'cause this is definitely falls under incitement and a major risk to US troops.


  1. Gee if only Petraeus would get on board and go along with what the politicians what the public to believe. How are we supposed to swallow the political bullshit with him going around blabbing the truth all the time. If only he weren't a general. Fukkin moralfag much?

    tl;dr: I believe the words your saying and I support your convictions!