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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Extremist Atheists

What the hell is wrong with these people?
So what if someone believes in God?  You're doing exactly what so many of you bitch about with how the religious nuts keep trying to convert you.  "Oh, I'm just getting back at them".  Well then shut the hell up and just not believe in God, you're not doing anything beneficial and just ruining shit for the rest of the Atheists.  Just making yourselves and all Atheists look like asses just so you can be all smug and think you're smart 'cause you can't keep your shit to yourself.
And Jesus can you people need to calm down, you go absolutely apeshit over the littlest god damned things.
^Look at this shit.  What the hell is wrong with what they were doing?  They've been giving out candy and shit and encouraging student moral with the other stuff they give out with psalms that give support and encouragement, but they got shit.  And now suspension and detention for giving a bible alongside doughnuts?  Absolute bullshit
I don't give a damn about what you believe, just be freaking civil about shit and keep your god damned nonsense to yourself.
Saving my rant for religious nuts for later


  1. interesting perspective

  2. i agree, although i dont believe in god, i dont think i should bash religions